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Why choose Hi-Fi Homebrew and BBQ Supply?

Well, for a different reasons.



1. We know and love Brewing & BBQ: We love to make our own beer and fire up the grill and smoker. We’ve taken each to the professional level and now want to share our passion and knowledge with you. As a small. local business we try and support other small businesses as well.




2. Our kits are developed by a professional: HI-Fi beer kits are tried and true with recipes developed by someone who has designed recipes for a commercial brewery, not to mention years of homebrew experience. That means- No cookie cutter kits, no mass produced kits, and absolutely no generic kits. Our kits have been personally designed, brewed, enjoyed, and approved by us.




3. Quality Kits: We use only what we feel are the best ingredients in our kits. Many companies use liquid malt extract (LME) in their recipe kits. It is our opinion that dry malt extract (DME) is a superior product, in every aspect- from flavor to shelf life- and is itused in all of our kits. We don’t even carry LME.


Fermentis produces high quality dry beer yeast strains and is the only manufacturer we carry. We will only ship dry yeast. As a Florida based homebrewer and commercial brewer, having liquid yeast shipped was always dicey. Often it would arrive warm and questionable even with ice packs. Hi-Fi will offer liquid yeast in the retail store however. 




4. Service: All orders ship same day or next business day. Every effort is made to keep shipping costs reasonable, we don’t want to charge more we are charged.


As a homebrew and BBQ resource, we make certain to include all sorts of information on our website to help new and experienced homebrewers alike learn more about this great hobby. Information on beer styles, homebrewing, FAQ, brewing history, as well as a walkthrough of your first brew, smoking and grilling tips, and food pairing etc. can all be found on our site.


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