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Equipment Rental- Experienced Brewers



Rent Our System!



Experienced brewers and brew clubs are able to rent our brewing equipment as well as ferment in HiFi’s Fermentation Station. Brewers will be required to attend a one-time brewery training session ($10) and minimal supervision will be available during the brewing process. Knowledge and experience with the brewing process, confidence in operating the equipment, and a high comfort level is required.


Brewers are expected to clean up after themselves and must transfer/treat their beer. Ingredients must be bought on site. Ice for chilling must be brought in as well, there are numerous sources within close proximity. For obvious reasons, abolutely no Brettanomyces, Pediococcus, or Lactobacillus allowed!









Why Brew at HiFi?



Rental is available for both Extract and All-Grain brewing (and everything in between).


Advantages of brewing at HiFi:



1. Our System: A safe and professional Electric 3 Kettle RIMS Pilot System at your disposal.



2. Indoor Brewing: Constantly sweating takes the fun out of brewing. Brew in the AC at HiFi!



3. Electric Brewing: Which means no propane or flame to worry about!



4. Climate controlled Fermentation room: Use the “The Fermentation Station” to ferment in, using our buckets. We keep it a balmy 65 F, year round.



5. Bottle or Keg: Bottle with our bench capper, transfer to a keg the week before and use our Counter Pressure filler to make bottle carbonated beer. Or make it really easy and just bring your keg in and fill it up.



6. Less Mess: No one likes to have to rummage through the garage and drag all of their equipment out and make a mess. Or get the kitchen all sticky. Our brewing area is designed for easy cleanup.



Rental Cost: Only $10/Hour (While Brewing.) You are not charged anything for transferring, bottling, etc.