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Here at HiFi Homebrew and Grindhaus Brew Lab we strive to offer a number of different classes and events. Each month we are planning to offer at a total of at least 3 events and classes. Our Brewery in back is perfect for events of all kinds.



Classes and events are broken down into a few different categories:



Brewing Classes: For all levels of brewers. Planned courses include Extract, Partial Mash, Brew In a Bag, and of course All-Grain. A beer will be brewed during the session.



Grilling: Learn how to grill that perfect steak, burgers, or chicken etc. using both basic and advanced grilling methods.



BBQ (Smoking): Let Pro Pit Master Robb teach you the ins & outs of meats like Brisket, Pork Butt, Chicken Thighs, Ribs etc. plus smaller meats including Pork Tenderloin & Sirloin Tri-Tip.



Pairing: Courses will be added to learn which beers to pair with what foods, particularly BBQ & grilled fare.



Educational: Expand your knowledge with classes on topics like The History of Beer, Off-Flavors, Beer Styles, and All About Hops.



Movie Nights: Using our projector, we will have themed movie nights. Everyone will be invited and they will be of no charge. We even screen local independent films occasionally.



Bottle Shares: Bring  that bottle of brew and share it amongst other craft beer aficionados. A great way to try new stuff and make friends. We will also be having Homebrew Bottleshares, where homebrewers bring a bottle or two of their nectar and share it with other hobbyists.



See a list of our current classes.


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