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Food, BBQ, & Smoking

Food, BBQ, & Pairing



Food and beer go remarkably well together. From a decadent dessert to grilled vegetables, there is a brew that will compliment darn near any food. At the syndicate we love food as much as we love beer, and our waistlines are indicative of that. We hope you find the information on pairing and grilling/smoking informative and encourage you to explore the culinary world.



We have information on pairing and tips on grilling and smoking, all of which are passions of ours.






Pairing Info- general information on pairing food and beer.



Beer and Food Pairing Guide- A guide with suggested beer and food pairings.



Beer and BBQ Pairing- What foods go with the grub off that grill or smoker.



Grilling & Smoking- Some info and history on smoking and grilling.



Grilling Tips- Helpful hints on cooking over an open flame.



Smoking Tips- A few tips for using indirect heat and wood smoke.



Recipes- A collection of delicious recipes.