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BBQ: Grilling & Smoking

BBQ: Grilling & Smoking




Barbecue has been around since the caveman days, where I imagine those primitive peeps would cook a Wooly Mammoth brisket or some other giant, now-extinct beast over an open fire. To be honest no one is completely sure, well the ones who do are long gone anyway, but the term barbecue is actually thought to have derived from the term Baribucu which was used by the Caribbean based Taino people and the native Timucua of Florida. It translates into “open fire pit” and that’s basically what they were-a wooden grilling platform with a stick frame. Baribucu morphed into Barbacoa as the continent was discovered by the Spanish and others. Today (and since the 17th century) it is known as barbecue.



Today, BBQ is a backyard staple in America. Heck, the heavenly aroma of outside cooking can be found in every corner of the country.  Red-blooded pit masters take pride in making their neighbors envious with wafts of heavenly smells.



Truth be known, barbecue today has many definitions. Some refer to it as an event, others as anything cooked on an outside grill, and others say there needs to be reduced heat and smoke involved. Since barbecue can have different definitions we’ll break it down into two types of outdoor cooking, grilling and smoking.




Smoking: Utilizes indirect heat and wood smoke, usually “low and slow” at 225-275 degrees Fahrenheit for an extended period of time.  



Grilling: A higher temperature is used and more importantly, direct flame is in contact with the food at some point during the cooking process.



Both smoking and grilling have their place in backyard cooking, they are related but different. Each has its own unique challenges and certain meats and foodstuffs work better with one than the other.  And of course, mouthwatering grub can be made with either.



Check out these pages for help with each:


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