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Grilling Tips

Grilling Tips



Fire up that Weber and throw on some grub! Grilling is as American as Craft Beer and the two go hand-in-hand. Different from its more labor and time intensive cousin Smoking, Grilling uses a higher temperature and doesn’t utilize wood smoke, at least to the extent smoking does.


Two fuel sources are commonly used, charcoal and propane. Charcoal of course needs to be lit so it takes a little more time while propane just requires a turn of the gas valve and a spark. Many prefer the taste of charcoal grilling while others choose the convenience of propane grilling. Propane grills offer more control over the heat, with knobs controlling the temperature. Charcoal grills on the other hand are dependent on the amount of charcoal used and the vent positions. No matter what the fuel though, grilling is bliss.


These aren’t really in order, they’re all helpful.



Here’s a few grilling tips:



12. Season- Apply rub or seasoning for extra flavor and put it on before the food hits the grill. Often just a simple sea salt and cracked pepper rub will suffice.



11. Close the Grill- Resist the urge to keep peeking on that steak every 30 seconds. Let it cook!



10. Clean the Grill Grates While Still Warm- The grates are easier to clean when they’re still warm plus the possible grossness factor is reduced.



9. Brush Grates with Oil- This will help keep that meat from sticking. Brush while the grill is warming up, just be careful not to spill a bunch into the flames.



8.  Throw in Some Wood Chips– Add some BBQ flavor to your meat, this little trick goes a long way. Use a smoker box, aluminum foil or heck just throw them on the coals if using charcoal.



7. Relax and Grab a Craft Beer- Chill out and enjoy the experience, also pair that flame-cooked meal with an artisan brew to make it memorable.



6. Give it a Rest- After it comes off of the grill wrap that meat in tin foil or tent it for about 10 minutes or so to let the juices redistribute. Your taste buds will thank you.



5. Use a Marinade- Longer marinade times equal more flavor. Feel free to dump some marinade on the meat when you put it on the grill just make sure to throw the rest of the marinade out, because food poisoning is bad.



4. Watch for Flare Ups- Move the meat if there’s a flare-up. Also keep a small squirt bottle handy just in case.



3. Don’t Sauce Until the End- Barbecue sauces are high in sugar and will scorch if applied too early. Apply the last minute or two and keep off direct flame if possible.



2.  Don’t Cut & Use a Thermometer- Know your meat and the different levels of doneness. Most folks overcook particularly chicken. Keep those juices in by not cutting into the prized cut while it’s on the grill.



1. Utilize Different Heat Levels- Keep two or three different heat levels on that grate by keeping the charcoal to one side or keeping one burner higher than the others. With this technique it’s possible to do things like sear a cut to the desired char then finishing the cook at indirect flame to desired doneness or oppositely, keep it off direct flame while wood chips are smoking so it absorbs more smoke flavor and then setting over direct flame to sear directly before pulling. Different heat levels give the grill master options and are a top tool in the patio arsenal.



Best of luck with your grilling!