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Pairing Info.

Pairing Info



Beer pairs with food even better than wine many say. The good barley-based beverage comes in a variety of flavors and there is darn near a style of suds to go with any grub.



There are two theories of beer and food pairing thought, and both work. The first is to find a brew and cuisine that have similar taste profiles. A sinful chocolate cake and a chocolate stout would be an example, so would fruit with a Belgian Wit since the Wit contains citrus and fruit flavors due to added ingredients like orange peel and/or from esters produced by the yeast.



The second theory is the exact opposite, it explores pairing foods that balance each other. Acidic beers like sour ales cut through fat, so pairing a sour brew with a triple cream cheese would produce a mouthful of harmony. Malt forward brews help bring down the spice, so a blond ale would be a nice choice for Mexican fare.



However, there’s certainly nothing wrong with chugging down a go-to brewski with some favorite grub.



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