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Seasonal Ales

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  • Peter Pumpkinhead Ale

    Peter Pumpkinhead Ale

    A smooth amber ale with fall spices. Legit fall flavors without the pumpkin mess. Great by the bonfire and it’ll keep you warm on that hayride!


    Color: Roasted Gourd


    Flavor: Malty and clean with pumpkin pie spice notes. Drinkable and delicious, not over the top.


    Bitterness: Medium (28 IBU)


    Body: Medium-Bodied


    ABV: 5.9%

  • Sweet Emotion Chocolate Stout

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    Sweet Emotion Chocolate Stout

    Complex, decadent, and alluring with dark chocolate flavors that linger all the way to the finish. Not overly sweet and filling. Great for dealing with the in-laws, just be careful not to down too many.


    Color: Cacao Bean


    Flavor: Rich and substantial with lots of dark malt flavors and bittersweet chocolate.   


    Bitterness: High (51 IBU)


    Body: Full-Bodied


    ABV: 7.8%