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Upcoming Events



Craft Brewing Experience: From Dusk till Dawn




Film: From Dusk till Dawn




When: Friday October 7th, @ 7:00 PM @ HiFi




Why: Comedy Horror with a great cast





The Damage: $30 can pay at the door.




Catch an hip horror comedy and learn to brew in the same night. In this Summer classic, interactive themed experience you’ll learn all about craft beer by participating in a brewing session at HiFi Homebrew and BBQ Supply in Clearwater.



The best part, you’ll have the opportunity to return 3 weeks later to bottle up some bombers of that elixir and take it home.




Halloween tunes will be playing all class long along with Halloween and brewing trivia. No experience is necessary, only a desire to learn, have fun and revisit this classic. 



Sign-Up: Purchase tickets at our Online Store or Email or call (727)240-0804 to sign up.




Brewing 301: All-Grain Brewing



Cost: $25



Day: Saturday



Dates: October 29th



Time: 11 AM-3 PM



Location: HiFi Homebrew and BBQ Supply



Learn to brew All Grain beer at HiFi! In this four hour course, students learn to brew All Grain beer at home by participating in an actual brewing session. This course will give aspiring brewers the confidence to brew at home and is designed for the extract brewer looking to move up to All Grain or for brewers just desiring to learn more.



Topics covered in detail during the session are proper sanitation, malt selection, mash temperature, mash thickness, sparging techniques, hops, and water. Beer styles will also be discussed. Students receive 10% off store purchases on day of class.



Tickets ($30) can be purchased at our Online Store or at our facility.



More Info or to register: Email or call (727)240-0804.


(727) 240-0804

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